AIRG Medal for Australasian Technological Innovation



The AIRG Medal (a recognition program that commenced in 2011) is designed to recognise Australasian Leaders, individuals or project teams for the achievement of widely recognised, outstanding, industrial research and innovation contributions.

  • The AIRG will make two awards per annum for major technological innovation or industrial research management.  The awards alternate between an outstanding technological achievement from major Australasian industrial company, and another medal for a similar achievement from small-to-medium enterprises (SME’s) based in Australia or New Zealand.
  • The AIRG Medal will be awarded to a current industrial research manager and/or researcher, technologist and/or innovator, making the most outstanding Australasian industrial research and technology management and or industrial research, technology and innovation contribution during the previous year (or in recent times).
  • Nominations will be accepted for examples of outstanding team achievement in industrial research, technology and innovation undertaken in the recent past by a team that is primarily based somewhere within Australasia (but which may include other international participants).
  • A key award criterion of the AIRG medal is the demonstration of the translation of the research outcome into a successful commercial contribution for the awardee company. 
  • Furthermore, the AIRG award committee will consider nominations of outstanding industrial research managers, researchers or technologists, who are Australia or New Zealand nationals, but who may be resident internationally.  
  • The awardee (individual or team) will be invited to attend the AIRG’s annual national meeting to receive the award and to make a keynote address.

The AIRG Medal has to date been awarded to:

29 August 2011 - Alcoa Technology Delivery Group (Large Industry)

27 February 2012 - Peter Bradley, EM Solutions (SME)

20 August 2012 - BlueGenTM Development Team, Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd (SME)

18 February 2013 - Agilent Technologies, Inc (Large Industry)

28 August 2013 - Blamey Saunders hears (SME)

27 February 2014 - STABLEpipe Joint Industry Project (JIP) (Large Industry)

26 August 2014 – Textor Technologies (SME)

25 February 2015 – Mr Michael Egan, CSIRO SME Engagement Centre

22 October 2015 - AW Bell Pty Ltd

More details of past awardees can be seen here.


  • The AIRG medal has been designed to provide technology management peer-group recognition through the AIRG for the research, development and the successful innovative deployment of technologies across Australasia.
  • The award recognises the important roles that both large industrial companies and technology-oriented SMEs play in economic growth from successful technological innovation that has market impact.



The Award is in the form of an inscribed medallion, produced by the internationally recognised, Melbourne-based sculptor Michael Meszaros.  Its design commemorates the research and innovation management contributions of industrial scientists, technologists and innovators.  It is provided together with a mounted plaque which is presented to the awardee’s company.


  • This award is judged by a standing panel of the AIRG called the “AIRG Awards Subcommittee”.  Consideration will be limited to Award nominations provided to the panel (or sponsored) by AIRG Members.
  • The AIRG Awards Subcommittee will meet to select the awardee, following the receipt of formal nominations provided by members of the AIRG in response to a half-annual call for nominations.
  • The AIRG Medals will be presented at the AIRG’s Annual Summer Meeting, held in February, or at the AIRG’s Winter Meeting, held in August, during the year following the award nomination.
  • In the absence of an outstanding candidate (i.e., an individual or team) being nominated, no award will be made.
  • The award winner(s) will be invited to attend the national meeting to receive the award and provide a keynote address.
  • All industry sectors and all sizes of companies will be considered and both AIRG member and non-member companies are eligible (but only if nominated by an AIRG member).
  • In the case of a team-based nomination, the team may include both industrial and public sector participants.  However, the teams will be predominantly Australian and/or New Zealand-based and, evidently, will be industry-led and based on the nomination made by an AIRG Member.


Nominators must be a current AIRG member. [See Note below]

The nomination may be for an outstanding individual who is an R&D, technology or Innovation Manager, or the individual may be a noted Researcher.  Alternatively, the nomination may be for an entire Research and Development (or Innovation) Team, which may all be from one organisation, or from multiple organisations (e.g., working in an Open Innovation environment). 

In the special case of an individual nomination, the researcher, R&D or Innovation Manager may currently reside internationally and the award may be made for achievements completed outside Australasia.  However, in such a case, the nominated individual should be either of Australian or New Zealand national origin.

Nominations may be made at any time by email to However, only those nominations received by Friday 2 September 2016 will be considered for the next AIRG Recognition Award.  Excepting unusual circumstances, nominations received later than the closing date for nominations will be held over until the next award cycle.

The AIRG Awards Subcommittee will meet in September 2016 to select the awardee, following the receipt of formal nominations. 

NOTE: AIRG Membership details are available here, or by contacting the Secretariat                  (+61 (0)3 9864 0913). Membership fees start at AU$200 per annum (for Australasian              SME’s, defined as being with an annual revenue of less than $5M).