AIRG History

The Australian (now Australasian) Industrial Research Group founded in 1964. Its objectives were clearly set out from the beginning. These were, 

  • to improve the quality of research management in Australia, and;
  • to stimulate and develop an understanding of research as a force in economic, industrial and social activities.

During the 1970's, AIRG initiated the formation of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, which was based on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. 

Since 1967 AIRG formed links with kindred organisations operating in other countries, such as the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) of the US, EIRMA (Europe), JATES (Japan), KITA (Korea), AIRI (Italy) and ANPEI (Brazil). These were maintained via regular contacts and visits by members to their conferences. Now, AIRG is a founding member of the World Federation of Industrial Research Associations (W-FIRA) with the IRI, EIRMA, ANPEI, JRIA (Japan) and KOITA (Korea).

More recently, New Zealand research managers and related stakeholders have joined the AIRG.  In consequence, the AIRG changed its name to the Australasian Industrial Research Group.