AIRG Award Winners

2015 AIRG Medal for Australasian Technological Innovation

October 2015

Awarded to Dr Roger Lumley, Mr Geoff Bell and Mr Sam Bell of AW Bell Pty Ltd for the development of an ABE casting process for Advanced Aerospace Castings. Please see the media release for more information.  

Past Awardees 

AIRG Medal for Australasian Technological Innovation in Large Industry and AIRG Medal for Australasian SME Technological Innovation

August 2011 (Inaugural Award) - Large Industry - the Alcoa Technology Delivery Group, for innovation that uses naturally occurring microorganisms to oxalate. For more information, please see the AIRG Award to Alcoa media release.

February 2012 - SME - Peter Bradley, Chief Engineer at EM Solutions for work on the satellite-in-the-move (SOTM) terminal. Information on this can be seen in the associated media release

August 2012 - SME - BlueGen™ Development Team at Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd, for their successful design and commercialisation of the BlueGen™ unit. Details can be seen here.

February 2013 - Large Indiustry - Agilent Technologies Inc for its 4100 MP-AES Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer. Further details can be seen here.

August 2013 - SME - Professor Peter Blamey, Dr Elaine Saunders and Dr Daniel Taft at Blamey Saunders hears. The team received the award in recognition of their invention and retailing of proprietary self-fitting hearing aids based on bionic ear technology, with a fully integrated telehealth service model. More details can be seen in the AIRG Medal to Blamey Saunders hears media release.

February 2014 - Large Industry - the "STABLEpipe Joint Industry Project (JIP)" for the development of the O-tube program, which has led to significantly improved and more stable designs of seabed oil and gas pipelines, while ensuring cost savings for the Australian offshore oil and gas industry. Please see the media release for more information. 

August 2014 - SME - Textor Technologies, for the development of ultra-absorbent material, but also the development of a new manufacturing process with unique technologies. Please see the media release for more information.

February 2015 - Michael Egan, CSIRO SME Engagement Centre, for establishing an operational model and service to boost collaboration between SMEs and research organisations to increase corporate competitiveness. Please see the media release for more information.