AIRG Winter Meeting 2014 Presentations

Models for high performance companies: Creativity, innovation and resilience

The Royce Hotel, 379 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, 26-27 August 2014

The AIRG Winter Meeting explored how companies maintain high performance over time through both tough and easier economic cycles. The initial part of the program allowed for a number of  large to small companies and research infrastructure to be showcased as examples of innovative, creative and/or resilinet organisations. The rest of the meeting focussed on resources for supporting innovation and some new engagement and collaboration models emerging from a diverse range of organisations to help improve technological innovation outcomes.

Program and Presentations


Juergen Schneider, Siemens: Resilience as an opportunity

Session 1

Peter Gray, 3M Australia: Increasing Innovation Impact 

Stephen Tomisich, Trajan Scientific and Medical: Business Model Innovation and Risk Profiles in Analytical Science

Stuart Elliott, Planet Innovation: How a flexible business model can be a weapon of mass appeal

Greg Storr, ANSTO: The Benefits of Connecting Nuclear Science and Technology to Industry

Session 2

Mark Bonnar, Southern Cross Venture Partners: VC's getting lost in the Crowd: Will traditional venture capital investing be replaced by crowd-funding?

Greg Redden, Western Australia, AusIndustry: Current Government Funding Options

Buzz Palmer, Small Technology Cluster Australia: 'To Boldly Grow ...'

Session 3

Niall Byrne, Science in Public: Turning research into stories and pitches that work

Session 4

Joseph Lawrence, Monash University: An industry wide collaboration model for innovation

George Collins, Swinburne University of Technology: Effective and productive engagement from universities

Michael Egan, CSIRO: SME Engagement Centre, Model, Measurement and Outcomes

Eric McFarland, Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Industries: Fostering Innovation for Sustainable Industries

Session 5

Jeremy Stone, GHD: Innovation Interchange

Charles Day, The Carlton Connect Initiative: The Parkville National Employment Cluster

Ken Mirams, AIRG: Update on the CAESIE Program