Extraordinary change is transforming the world we live in.  Innovation and R&D are critical to the success of Australia and Australian businesses.  According to Australian Tax Office figures, in 2013-14 more than 13,700 companies operating in Australia invested $19.5 billion on R&D and were able to claim back $3 billion utilising the R&D Tax Incentive.  Despite this, there are signs that our businesses can do better.  Collaboration between industry and publicly funded researchers is the lowest in the OECD and the number of SME’s bringing new ideas to market is low by international standards.  Australia’s most innovative companies have a great deal to learn from each other to improve their performance and enhance the effectiveness of their innovation activities.

The Australian Innovation Research Group aims to enhance the success of its members and to catalyse the strengthening of the Australian innovation ecosystem.

The AIRG is an industry led Association that supports the innovation and R&D initiatives of its members by increasing collaboration opportunities, facilitating peer-to-peer mentoring, i.e. companies learning from companies; building linkages to enable cross-sector learning, and providing access to international best practice for effective management of research and development and innovation. 

The Australian Innovation Research Group Inc (AIRG) is an incorporated association registered in Victoria and operating across Australia.  The AIRG is a not for profit group, funded by its members for the benefit of its members and the community. 

The purposes of the Association are:

  • To be the well-recognised peak body representing science-based innovation and technological development in Australian-based businesses with the aim of enhancing the performance, quality and effectiveness of industrial innovation, research & development and its economic impact.


  • To provide a forum for contacts and professional enrichment for senior executives, R&D managers, business owners, and those responsible for innovation in Australian industry.


  • To effectively represent its membership on key policy and other issues affecting them and to provide a forum for interface between industrial innovation and R&D and Government bodies and departments.


  • To provide a range of networking opportunities for members on common and specific issues relevant to their roles and the development of a robust and broad innovation ecosystem.


  • To interact strongly with other relevant national and international groups.