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February 2018 Monthly AIRG Melbourne Round Table

When:  8.00am – 11.30am Tuesday 27th February 2018
Where:  Dow Chemical (Australia) Pty Ltd. Melbourne Commercial Centre, Level 17, 8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
Guest Speaker:  Dileban Karunamoorthy, IBM Research – Australia
Our Guest Speaker will discuss the impact of blockchain on future Australian business.  Dileban leads both first-of-a-kind blockchain engagements in the region, as well as research on distributed ledger technologies in the context of permissioned networks and its interplay with public blockchain networks, ranging from platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, to models for accounting, value transfer, markets and governance.  He has been working with business to cover a broad set of industries including finance, agriculture, government and airlines on problems such as cross-border payments, decentralized credit bureaus, trade finance, trade logistics, supply chain, identity and government.