AMOG Technologies Pty Ltd wins AIRG Medal

18 October 2016 – Melbourne, Australia

Mr Daniel Johnstone, Dr William Schofield, Dr Hayden Marcollo from AMOG and Mr Ken Mirams 

Mr Daniel Johnstone, Dr William Schofield, Dr Hayden Marcollo from AMOG and Mr Ken Mirams 

AMOG Technologies Pty Ltd has won the AIRG Medal for Australasian Technological Innovation, awarded by the Australian Industrial Research Group.

The award was presented to Drs Hayden Marcollo and Andrew Potts, Executive Directors of AMOG Technologies Pty Ltd, at the AIRG Southern Region Meeting and Dinner on 18 October, for development of longitudinally grooved suppression (LGS®) technology for offshore drilling risers.

LGS technology is a patented geometry that reduces drag and fatigue on deepwater drilling risers (the pipes that connect the subsea well to the surface drilling rig).

Founded in 1991, AMOG is a wholly Australian owned company with offices in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and international offices in Houston, Bogota), London and Kuala Lumpur.

AMOG describes itself as a leading global engineering solutions provider to the defence, civil maritime, oil and gas, mining and transport sectors.

AMOG says LGS® is a new technology for the marine offshore oil and gas industry. It employs a novel surface geometry, reducing drag on slender structural elements in current flows, without sacrificing buoyancy. It has the potential to save oil and gas operators an estimated USD$12 million per rig through increased uptime due to some 30 per cent reduction in drag forces on drilling risers. It is now being commercially manufactured and the first modules have recently been deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ken Mirams, AIRG President, said that AMOG’s open approach and commitment to innovation in R&D had seen the company remain competitive in the market and increase its opportunities through expansion into new markets.

This exemplified what AIRG looked for in awarding the AIRG Medal.