Membership of AIRG

To discuss application for membership and the benefits of joining the Association, please contact the AIRG via or phone 1300217374.

Membership of the AIRG is open to all companies, organisations, and individuals actively participating in the Australian innovation ecosystem.  AIRG members have a commitment to innovation and R&D and aim to be world’s best in their space.  AIRG has a range of member categories created to best meet the needs of participants.

Corporate Members

Our Corporate Members are the core of the Australian Innovation Research Group.  Collectively, AIRG’s Corporate Members represent all industry sectors across the Australian economy.  They include large companies such as Bluescope Steel, Australia’s largest manufacturer; Nufarm, one of the world’s leading crop protection and specialists seed companies; Alcoa of Australia, one of the world’s largest integrated aluminium producers; and 3M Australia, part of a global R&D-focused company responsible for more than 60,000 products.  The Group also includes agile, fast growing Australian companies such as advanced manufacturers Textor Technologies and Matrix Composites & Engineering, and innovative engineering designers like AMOG Technologies.

They are commercial organisations with innovation and research & development as a key part of their business character.  These Members are incorporated in Australia, have Australian-based operations and their business incorporates structured R&D programmes that are eligible for the Australian Government R&D Tax Incentive.  AIRG Corporate Members are operating at significant scale with annual turnovers greater than $10M or structured R&D programmes investing more than $1M per year in innovation.

Emerging Corporate Members

The Association’s Emerging Corporate Members include smaller innovative companies and start-ups.  These companies aspire to emulate some of the Corporate Members’ successes.  They value the opportunity to learn from Corporate Members and are working to develop new products and technology to transform their company into a significant commercial organisation in the foreseeable future.

Commercial Affiliates

AIRG’s Commercial Affiliate Members are commercial organisations that provide expertise, goods and services to the Australian innovation ecosystem and to Corporate Members of the AIRG.  Our Commercial Affiliates provide a range of services and expertise that includes professional services, scientific, engineering, project management, and design services; accounting, tax, or legal advice; IP management; or venture capital and growth funding.  Our Commercial Affiliates are a key component of the Australian innovation ecosystem, enabling efficient commercial innovation and R&D programmes to succeed.

Public Affiliates

AIRG’s Public Affiliate Members incorporate publicly funded organisations that enhance Australia’s commercial innovation initiatives.  These include Australian research institutions such as Monash and Melbourne Universities, Australian Synchrotron and AMSI, and government organisations such as the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science and the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources. 

Associate Members

AIRG’s Associate Members include former AIRG Member representatives who wish to maintain an association with the AIRG.  They provide a continuation of the AIRG network and a link to the context of previous policies and actions.  They inspire Members through their wisdom and experience.